(An internal document for our donors - Not for Public Circulation)

Work done from December 2018 to June 2024

Work done so far and Expenses incurred:
We started our work in 2018 by making Gita content, and so far, we have made three styles of Gita content in five languages. We have created 18 MP3 files and 18 mp4 files for every style of Gita, thereby producing 18x5x3=270 MP3 files and an equal number of MP4 files. We have made them available on our YouTube channels. The MP3 files of the Fusion Music Bhagawat Gita were kept open on our Gita university website for free download. A team of 8 people worked for over a year and called 3.6 lakh people from all 29 states, and 87,000 people have downloaded thus far. We have also sent WhatsApp and text messages to a two-crore database, recommending that they visit our YouTube channels and the Gita University website. So far, over 23 lakh people visited our website to listen to the audio files of Bhagavad Gita, which could be a reason for having fewer visitors and subscribers to our YouTube channels. We have started digitalizing Valmiki Ramayana in English, Telugu and Hindi with an estimated budget of 4 crores. With a lack of funds, this project is suspended till we get sponsorship from any business firm or affluent dharmic individual.

Since 2018, we have spent about Rupees 6.7 crores on all the above activities, of which 1.38 crore rupees was given by the public, Rupees 2.35 crores as interest-free loans from friends, and 2.97 crore rupees from the personal funding of the company’s directors.

Feedback and suggestions from Pan India:
We have made the Gita University Project document the first initiative in our Global Peace Mission and released a teaser on String Channel in December 2021. We planned to construct the same in 6 phases, each worth 200 crores. We have received immense support from the public at large. Over 200 prominent people have contacted us nationwide, and we have taken their suggestions for 18 months since then. We have met a few CSR heads of the companies who advised us to commence Initiatives 2 and 3 to be eligible for CSR funding. Many architects and engineers have advised us to complete the entire construction in one go for many logistics reasons.

A team of 12 people worked hard and emailed the Gita University document to 7,542 people, including IAS and IPS officers, MLAs, and MPs from all over India. We also called all these people and advised them to have an idea of the project and send suggestions, if any. We have also sent the project document booklet (hardcopy) to the Chief Ministers of all the states.

We have integrated all the wise suggestions:
From June 2023, we started working on the suggestions we received from a broad spectrum of people and made a final project draft with three objectives estimated at a budget of 2200 crores, other than the land component.

Work done in the past 20 months: In the past twenty months, our back office team has contacted the offices of India’s richest 4,000 people and listed their postal details and a few personal information of the CEO. We shall contact them after getting a few prominent people on the advisory board and conducting a national press meeting.

Work done / Resolutions made in the past 4 months:
Despite the lack of resources, we are moving all the pawns from all directions and hope to converge and obtain the result by Bhumi puja on 11th December 2024, Gita Jayanti day.

We completed the printing of 1000 comprehensive project booklets and 4000 concise booklets in the initial week of June 2024 for distribution to India’s top 4000 wealthiest individuals (Ultra HNIs). These booklets will be dispatched once the brand ambassadors are finalized or 1 or 2 dynamic individuals are added to the board of directors. Following the distribution of the booklets, our fundraising team will reach out to them individually based on their wealth rank status, resulting in 1108 donors supporting this project by March 2025.

We received blessings from HH Sri. Gaurangadas Prabhu (ISCON GCM and Director, GEV—Mumbai) to collaborate two years ago and have been taking his advice since then. Recently, we met Prabhu Ji and resolved to collaborate with ISCON with train-the-trainers training and various other aspects. Prabhu Ji also assured us that he would introduce us and the project to Nita Ambani Ji for her support and endorsement. Prabhu Ji has assured us of his entire support, and we hope to meet Nita Ji in the last week of July 2024.

We also received blessings from Sri Chinnajeeyar Swamiji and Sri Ramesh Gupta Ji, eminent dharmic individuals from Hyderabad. We also received blessings from our Gurus, Shri. Shanmukha Sharma, Shri. Chaganti Koteswara rao, Swarupanandendra Swami ji of Sarada peetam Visakhapatnam and His highness Sanchidananda Swami ji of the Datta peetam or Mysore.

We also received blessings from His Highness Prince Aditya Varma ji, Travancore Sansthan and Managing Trustee of Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple board. He assured us he would put the proposal on the upcoming new trustees’ board and do everything possible.

Current Activity (July 2024)

We desperately tried to seek help from TTD in the previous government but failed to meet either the TTD chairman or the then-honorable CM. At an appropriate time, we will escalate the matter to the Deputy CM of AP state, TTD chairman, and others and seek at least 2% of TTD’s 16000 crores of bank reserves. We are also writing and planning to meet Ayodhya Temple Trust members for 400 crores of funds for Project-2, which aims to produce Ram-like Indian Civil Services officers.

We are putting all our efforts into bringing 36 of the most credible dharmic celebrities and businesspeople onto the core advisory board that will function for five years until the first batch of 1000 Gita gurus is given to the world. The list includes Shri. Rajinikanth, Shri.Chiranjeevi, Shri.Venkatesh, Shri.Akshay Kumar, Shri.Anupam Kher, Shri.Varaprasad Reddy, Smt.Sudha Reddy, Shri.Murali Mohan, Shri.Chandra Pemmasani, Smt.Upasana, Smt.Vidya Reddy, Smt.Riya Kodali and 24 others. This becomes easy if we quickly get a credible celebrity on the board of directors or get one as our brand ambassador.

We are in the process of inviting two Brand Ambassadors who will dedicate themselves to the project for three years. We are considering Mrs.Renu Desai, Mrs.Samata, Mrs.Gowthami from South India and a few others from North India. We initiated a dialogue with a few of them, giving them enough time to assess our team personally and the project’s practicality.

We are also adding two more directors to the director’s board and are considering Smt. Madhavi Lata and Shri.Praveen Chikoti. We are in the middle of the talks and will finalise by the end of July.

We also started communicating with the state congress leaders and their high command to seek the allotment of a suitable endowment land. We are also meeting all the T G state cabinet members to seek their support in the cabinet meeting for the allotment of the land. We shall introduce the project to all central cabinet ministers by the end of June, which will help us get the PM Cares fund after showing 10% progress in the construction of all three projects, probably by March 2025.

We are also communicating with a few popular national media channels and South Indian channels to become our TV media partners. We are soon signing up with one popular digital media channel to inform affluent and ordinary Dharmic people about the project and its magnanimous goals.

We are writing to all the PM Cares funding board members to seek Rs.600 crores for Project-3.

We have emailed PK Mishra ji, Principal Secretary to PM, and Ajit Doval ji, NSA. We are in the process of meeting them in person and keeping them informed about the Project. The central government cannot do anything about the land. They can help only with PM Cares funds while or after Gita University Construction.

Funds required

Funds requirement:

A few Big funds required: We are also trying to get initial funds from 18 dharmic people we have listed with divine intervention before approaching the state government for the land. The initial funds will help us expedite the process in the coming 90 days. We may need to pay a reasonable sum to the government for the land allocation and a few formal procedures.

Funds to Register 3000 sft new office space: As we are not comfortable conducting our activities on rental premises, we have finalized a 3000-square-foot office space (@Rs.8500/- psft including all) located on the main road of Srinagar colony, just 500 meters from Punjagutta Metro station. We have assured the owners that we will complete the registration process before August 15, 2024. We have given advance of Rs.15 lakhs and we required 2.4 crores now. We need 1000 people who can donate Rs.25,000/- each. We are reaching out to 10,000 people covering Doctors, Software Engineers, Business People etc.

Seeking help from 3000 old donors: Our average monthly public donations amount to Rs.40,000/-. Following the official project launch on 26-8-2024, we will begin our extensive fundraising efforts, which will gain momentum after the Bhumi puja scheduled on 11-12-24. We have outstanding payments to make to our staff and need to cover expenses until December 2024. We are contacting over 3000 individuals who have made small donations from December 2021 to June 2024. We request that they contribute anything from Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- every month until December 2024.


D. Anand K. Reddy, M.Tech (Structural Engineering)
Director, Bhagawat Gita Foundation for Vedic Studies
A section-8 Non-Profit Organization.
Hyderabad, India,

Coordinator Ms.Reshma
8977931068, 8520933933

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