Why Bhagawad Gita is mandatory for the world?

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We will see the need for Bhagawat Gita from two perspectives, one from the Global perspective and another from an Individual perspective.

Global perspective

People are divided.
We are witnessing that people across the world are divided on fictitious sectarian grounds like religion, race, region, caste, nationality, language, etc., and are developing huge animosity towards one another. This is hampering the efficiency of the governments as they always have to focus on these non-issues, leaving aside productive matters.

Cosmopolitan culture is inevitable.
In the current trends of the world becoming a Global village, it is a challenge for people with a wide variety of beliefs to co-exist. Nations that had homogeneous citizenship during the early 1900’s now have people of diverse ethnicities and religions. It is impossible for countries with a democratic setup to impose religious restrictions or to expect their citizens to be from the same religion or ethnicity.

It is always “The good” vs. “The bad”
The conflict in this world is always between “the bad / irrational” people vs. “the good / rational” people. Sometimes “the bad” may be affiliated with a certain religious faith or sect; but their “bad nature” is what they inherit from their upbringing and surroundings. Good people will always take only the good and ignore the bad whereas the bad people will get attracted only towards bad, irrespective of the environment they are exposed to. So, it is high time we come out of the feeling that the present-day havoc is because of certain religious groups or a sect of people. We should create a society where ‘the good’ are rewarded and ‘the bad’ are either educated or punished.

Good citizenship needs conscious effort.
Peace depends upon the good governance of the rulers and the wisdom of the people. If we can make the people wise and dharmic, they will automatically know what issues to fight for and what to leave aside as petty issues. They will know whom to elect as their leaders and whom not to. This sense of judgment and discrimination will alert the governments and automatically drive them towards doing good.

Bad Citizenship and its solution
Citizenship now is so bad that there is no chance for any political party that promises good governance to be voted to power. When citizenship is brainless, non-issues become issues and issues become non-issues, leaving a big puzzle for the elected governments to effectively discharge their dharmic duties. So, today, it is a huge challenge for democracies to educate the public and make them development-oriented.

For this, we have to squeeze out toxic religious (or any sectarian) madness from citizens and make them dharmic and growth-centric.

How to detox the wrong identities?
Detoxing any sectarian-based sentiments and wrong identities is possible with reasonable restrictions and strictest vigilance by the governments. But this is a tough job to execute, as much lenience was given by the earlier governments. The hardest methods of control on sectarian matters may not sustain in the long run, as they may sometimes lead to a Civil war.

The best way is to educate people with the knowledge of self and the purpose of life with the “Principles of Karma and Dharma”. Instead of making people refrain from doing something, it is easy to educate them with the broader picture of life, which is possible only with Bhagawat Gita wisdom and hence this Gita University Project.

Individual perspective

Generation with Short-Temper
Everyone right from a child, a college student, a homemaker, an employee, a manager, a CEO to a politician is turning more and more turbulent and short-tempered in nature. While annoyance, anger, and irritation are innate human emotions, the manner in which people manage them is what makes all the difference in the world. Rash actions and reckless words always engender undesirable consequences.

No good relationship with anyone
All the relations including Parent-child, Teacher-student, Friends, Husband-wife, Boss-Employee, etc are getting strained. There is no peace of mind for anyone despite their material possessions. People have extreme levels of love, hatred, anger, desire, sensitivity, etc., which are giving them sleepless nights. A feeling of ego that “I am always right and others are always wrong” will ruin all the relationships of an Individual.

Good Karma Vs Bad Karma
All misdeeds whether illegal or unethical, arise due to the lack of discrimination between prescribed karma and abandoned karma. Any person who knows the consequences of committing the minutest magnitude of bad Karma will never dare to harm themselves, and a person who knows the exponential benefit of doing minuscule good karma will never refrain from doing it.

Good should be always nourished
It is the prime duty of the parents and the society at large to see that the ‘inherently good people’ do not get influenced by the bad people. Good people can stay good, only by proper upbringing, which includes teaching moral stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The moral stories written by Acharya Vishnu Sharma by the name “Pancha tantra” can become excellent life skill lessons for children. The government should also create a society with a proper judicial system where the good are rewarded and the bad are punished. Also, the good people (satvik natured) should understand that withstanding difficulties while sticking to dharma, will lead to reaping huge benefits in due course of time as said in Gita 18.37. They should also understand that the bad people (rajasik natured) may appear like enjoying material pleasures and living a better life, but will eventually suffer as said in Gita 18.38.

When good people become cowards, evil gets exponentially stronger making life impossible for the good. When good people get united and become warriors like Arjuna, only then can evil be defeated, making life easy for the honest and good. This Gita University Project is to motivate the dejected and bewildered ‘inherently good people’, who fortunately account for over 90% of the human race, to stand strong and be united to fight evil and make this world a better place to live.

Gita 7.21
yo yo yāṁ yāṁ tanuṁ bhaktaḥ – śhraddhayārchitum ichchhati
tasya tasyāchalāṁ śhraddhāṁ tām eva vidadhāmyaham
Meaning: Whatever celestial form a devotee seeks to worship with faith, I steady the faith of such a devotee in that form.

Bhagawat Gita is the only suitable book for people of all faiths
In Bhagawat Gita, it is up to the individual to choose the form or Formlessness of God. This plurality of worship is the true spirit of God which should be endorsed by all civilized nations for a peaceful living. That is why we notice many wise people all over the world agreeing to the fact that “Gita is the only book that suits people of all faiths” and hence coined as Raja Vidya by Lord Krishna.

But it is so sad that such a supreme science is nowadays seen with the narrow lens of the mean word “religion”. It is high time to make the world understand the true nature of living beings that act according to their three inherent modes of material nature: Satva, Rajas & Tamas.

The final takeaway of Gita Wisdom.
Once people understand their source and the purpose of taking birth, there is no question of hating one another or getting depressed in life. They will have purity in thoughts, words and actions and will do only Dharmic deeds. They understand that God is not a name or form to argue with each other, but the ultimate supreme energy that embeds all of us within it and makes us experience whatever we wish and whatever we deserve with its Supreme MAYA. With GITA wisdom, people of different paths can live in harmony, making the world a better place to live in.

Jai Sri Krishna.

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