Plain Gita Recitation
Donate Rs.2250/- and download 18 chapters (all three styles of Gita)

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Self Learning Bhagawad Gita
Available in English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil.

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Gita with Fusion Music
Donate Rs.2250/- and download 18 chapters (all three styles of Gita)

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Thank You for your SupportRecent Donors


“Jai Shri Ram. We intend to take Gita wisdom to 5 Billion people all over the world by 2050. This will be possible only if at least 1% of 1 billion Hindus take a firm resolve and work together. We request every concerned Sanatani to Join the “Koti Jana Sangh” by filling up this form. For all the sangh members, we shall send the action plan document along with a free 24×7 Gita Radio App link to their email and mobile. Om Namah Shivaya”.


Spreading the Principle of Karma and Dharma across 195 countries using three modes of operation such as Physical University, Digital University and Mobile University.

See the items under the activities Menu for more details.


Physical Gita University

The objective of Gita University is to create 10000 International Gita gurus and take Gita wisdom to over 50% of the world’s population (Mission 5 Billion) by 2050.

Digital Gita University

The objective of this is to create world class Gita content in 10 styles and push the content to every smart phone adopting best-in-class digital marketing methods.

Mobile Gita University

This is “Gita on wheels” that aims to distribute 100 crore Gita books (Shata koti Gita Gnana Yagna) using 1000 mobile libraries, one for every 6-7 million population.

Download Mp3 files

Donate $30 and download the Mp3 files of all the 3 styles of Gita we made for you. You may copy to a Pendrive and play in your car or have them offline on your mobile.

Help us Build Gita University

With Bhagawad Gita, people will understand their source and the reason for taking birth. Their thoughts, words, and actions will be pure, and they will do only Dharmic deeds. They understand that God is not a name or form to argue about with each other, but an ultimate Supreme energy that embeds all of us within it, and makes us experience whatever we wish and whatever we deserve with its Supreme Maya. With Gita Wisdom, people of different paths can live in harmony, making the world a better place to live.

How much fund is required? 
We need 10-12 lakh people from all over the world who can donate Rs.10000/- ($ 140 ) or Rs.500/- (7$) per month for 20 months for all the five phases of Gita University Construction. It is estimated to cost 1200 crores and this is possible if at least 0.1% of the 100 crore people who follow Dharmic religious philosophy come forward and generously contribute.

What do the donors get?
Donors will get free access to our apps with Mp4 and Mp3 files on iOS and Android. They can use their email or cell number as their user-id to unlock the mobile apps. Currently, all the Gita mp4 files that are available on the apps are available on our YouTube channels also. Additionally, they can get access to mp3 files. Very soon, most probably by March 2023, we are going to release a new version of the Self-learning Gita with meanings, which will be exclusively available for donors. As of now, the Mp3 files of all the 3 versions are available free for Physical university donors. Those who cannot afford to donate 10k or $140, may avail mp3 files by just donating Rs.2250/- from the homepage. These funds will be used for making more digital content.


Sponsor Ramayana

Project awaiting for Donors:
We are doing all the 24,000 slokas in 5 languages namely English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. At a later stage, in Phase-II and III, we shall go in other local Indian languages also. This project is estimated to incur an expense of about 3.88 crores and scheduled to get completed in 3 years.

Sponsor one Chapter:
There are about 77 chapters in Balakanda, 119 chapters in Ayodhyakanda, 75 chapters in Aranyakanda, 67 chapters in Kishkindakanda, 68 chapters in Sundarakanda, 131 chapters in Yudhakanda, and 111 chapters in Uttarakanda, making the total to 648 chapters. We need 648 x 5 languages = 3240 donors to make this possible. We shall display the sponsor’s name and their family photographs as shown in the sample file.

Request for Corporates:
This will be the best platform for corporates to advertise their brand as the advt will be on our YouTube Videos in all the 5 languages as long as this earth survives. This content suit well for Cloth and Jewelry corporates having their presence, or planning to have their presence Pan India. So, we request the cloth or jewelry stores to please come forward to sponsor Ramayana in all the 5 languages for 3.38 crores. Helping Dharma reach millions of people and at the same time promoting your brand is a rare opportunity God will give only to ONE rarest of the rare. Let us leave the decision to God and he will pick the most deserving sponsor for this divine task. Temple Boards having surplus funds may also sponsor this Mega Project.
Contact 8520933933.


Celebrities & Popular YouTubers!

Celebrities (Film Actors, Sportspeople), Politicians, Industrialists, CEO’s, Swamiji’s, Business people, Popular Youtubers, Other Hindu Youtube channels with good subscribers base etc! Without your help and support, we cannot take GITA to 195 countries and teach 5 billion people.

A few may be willing to donate a big sum, a few may bless us and wish us success with a small video byte, a few may wish to be in the 108 members Chief Advisory Board, a few may be interested to carry our sample Gita videos along with few videos about Gita University Foundation in their Youtube channel, a few may wish to ask their subscribers to donate to Gita university on mutually beneficial methods or whatsoever and howsoever possible.

Please fill in this form and our President will call you in person.

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