Gita for Children 22-12-2023

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Gita for College Children

In today’s world, students have full access to all the technological advances we have made. Of course, there are so many advantages to these, but the flip side is, an increasingly restless and dissatisfied generation, which is leading to many mental health issues and permanent damage to their brains. Today we notice that mental health issues in young people are a worldwide problem. Most of the college students’ problems can be addressed by focusing on the below.

  1.  Proper guidance by Professors.
  2.  Counselors at college talk to students frequently.
  3.  Colleges addressing the problem of ragging.
  4.  Having at least 1 Good friend.
  5.  Sports and Recreation.
  6.  Working on Socializing and Public speaking skills.
  7.  Having the knowledge of the self and knowing the purpose of life.

Both parents and college are doing their best within their limitations and possibilities, which is taking care of 50% of the problems the young teenage graduates face. The remaining 50% can be addressed only with the introduction of Bhagawat Gita subject to young minds. Bhagawat Gita can solve all these issues and be a good guide for young minds all through their life, even on a day when you leave this world.

The only thing any parent can give their children, something equal to them in their absence is undoubtedly the Bhagawat Gita. Bhagawat Gita or any Vedic Scripture does not focus on the Name and Form of God. They only focus on What Is Dharma and what Is Adharma, the advantages of Being Dharmic and the Consequences of not being so.

How can the Bhagawat Gita help the Youth?

A lifetime of learning can be taken from the Gita but a few things are as below.

  1. Gita will be the best friend a  could ever have.
  2. Children learn the correct way to think, the correct way to talk, and the correct way to act.
  3. Children will develop the power of looking at themselves and assessing their positive and negative traits.
  4. Children during their teenage will have a stigma that everything is good with others and nothing good with them. With Gita, they get rid of this wrong opinion and will feel everything is good with everyone.
  5. Body Dysmorphic Disorder is seen in the majority of children nowadays and if left unaddressed, this can lead to serious consequences, including suicidal ideations and attempts, increased anxiety and depression, and eating disorders. BDD  can cause severe impairment in the overall quality of life, making daily activities difficult. The Children will always look in the mirror and check their skin and body parts. With Gita’s wisdom, they learn to accept the body as a vehicle, which they got because of their past life karma and will try to keep it fit and healthy to the best extent possible. Michael Jackson was a famous example who had this disorder. Had he known Bhagawat Gita; he would have thoroughly accepted and enjoyed his original look and feel.
  6. With Gita, children start to see everything within themselves and themselves in everything. When he sees any other living being, he sees the same soul everywhere and so never hurts anyone. Thereby he develops compassion towards all living beings, and so he will rise above Religion, Caste, Nationality, and all other mean-minded narrow sectarian barriers.
  7. Unwise and Bad citizenship is the biggest problem in the world because of which most Governments are unable to deliver GOOD to the public. We all know that only good citizens can make good nations, electing good people. After learning Gita, one can differentiate between Dharma and Adharma, making things difficult for the evil to rule or survive.
  8. Meditation as explained in the Bhagawat Gita Chapter-6 is considered a type of mind-body complementary medicine. With meditation, the child will learn to focus their attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding their mind and causing stress. Meditation can help children carry things more calmly throughout their day. They will not get agitated when their parents suggest anything for their well-being.
  9. Gita Will Make the people not only stick To Dharma but also stand by it and fight for it. So, the citizens will become more active.
  10. Bhagawat Gita – will make Children understand their real selves and the purpose of coming to earth.
  11. The children will learn to keep aside their Weak Areas and move forward with a focus on their Strong Areas.
  12. The children will learn to make friends with good people even if they are found to be less powerful, and will avoid bad friendships even if they are found to be more powerful. Slowly, with the help of all good friends, firmly ever stuck to dharma, faith in themselves and faith in God, they will march towards success in the material world.
  13.  Bhagawat Gita Wisdom will never make children feel lonely or depressed in life.
  14. Once their minds become soul-centred and Dharmic, there shall be peace and harmony everywhere, as they will see the same one soul, distributed equally in everyone.
  15. The children will learn to do only prescribed karma as they very well know the consequences of doing abandoned karma.
  16. The children will learn to do good karma without the doer feeling. They will never take the credit for what they have achieved. They know from Gita, that there are many contributory factors for the accomplishment of any karma. 
  17. He will not suffer or feel depressed upon not getting the desired result, as he will learn to take the dualities such as success and failure, happiness and sorrow equally, and will be unattached with everything, and will perform all actions with duty-mindedness, as an order of God, and for the sake of God. By doing so, the result of all such karmas will be credited to God, whether good, bad, or mixed. This way, he will turn down the karmic debt to ashes, and there shall be no accrued karmic result that leads to another birth.
  18. With the knowledge of the Bhagawat Gita, people will stop fighting in the name and form of God and will learn that it is only our karma and dharma that decide our lives, and the blessing or curse can never be a personal discretion of God.
  19. Bhagawat Gita gives the answers to all moral struggles people face in their life. This will be helpful for the kids, because while growing up they face many problems in life, and if they have knowledge about the Gita, it comes as a handy solution to them.
  20.  They understand that he is a soul and fears no death.

Students can overcome stress with Gita.
College students are advised to have Gita Wisdom during the first year of their Engineering or Graduation, if not during their high school days. With Gita’s wisdom, the student can focus well on their education and come out successfully with a graduate degree and employment. They can overcome the infatuation that they usually struggle with during their tender teenage years and if unaddressed, it could get out of control and may lead to self-harm.



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