How did this Project start? This project has taken shape from the experiences of one person and eventually integrated the views of many other Dharmic people and the final document on the process of taking the Gita to over 50% of the world by 2050 has been made public and presented on our website.

Why this Project? The final takeaway of this Mission 5 Billion Project is “Achieving Global peace through Global citizenship”. We firmly believe that sustainable Global citizenship can easily be achieved by injecting the knowledge of the self along with the principles of Karma and Dharma to the public at large.

Were Indian Gurus a failure? Tens of organizations and Corporate Gurus have gone Global over the past 100 years and done a tremendous job and laid a great foundation which encouraged organizations like ours. Without their efforts in that extremely tough times, we wouldn’t have even dreamt of doing what we are doing now. We salute all those divine beings for going Global and making us follow their footprints. For various reasons, all these organizations could inject the principles of Karma and Dharma to less than 5 million people from the 7 billion population outside India. So, we opine that our Gurus were not that successful to the extent we should have been in spreading the ancient wisdom to the rest of the world, but were highly successful in protecting at least 60% of our Akhanda Bharat from the influence of inhuman God theories that came from the central world.

It’s now or never! Now, after the advent of the Internet and revolution in Information technology, the future appears to be wide open for the propagation of Sanatana Dharma. The IT boom has come like a light to us and there is no scope for darkness to exist in place of light. So, we feel that the coming 20-30 years is a PERFORM or PERISH kind of situation for Sanatana Dharma and India.

What is the thinking that went behind it? So, before we have concluded the project of making the current 5 million Non-Indian Gita followers to 5 billion by 2050, we have taken the below points into consideration and we present them to you for your kind perusal. We request all our advisory members and our donors to understand our project foundation, its vision, mission and its approach before becoming members of the advisory board or before advising us to merge with other Dharmic organizations or questioning the need for this project when many others are doing the same job.

1. Did Sanatana Dharma prevail all over the world at some point of time in the past?

2. Why has Sanatana Dharma decimated since 2000 BCE?

3. To whom did Vyasa Bhagawan assign the task of taking his writings to people?

4. Are we successful in taking GITA wisdom all over the world?

5. When did so many languages come into existence and what methods were followed to create Gurus in other world languages?

6. How did the wise people resist the asuras who invented insane God theories?

7. For what reasons did the irrational theories like, “believe or die”, “believe and book a permanent seat in heaven” and “believe and get cured of all the diseases” became widespread all over the world?

8. Why are people so fascinated and obsessed with Abrahamic faiths even if they lack basic logic and common sense?

9. Why did the theories that are found to be detrimental to human thinking and freedom of seeking the absolute become popular?

10. When we claim Gita or Vedas to be great and mind-boggling, why are they not proportionally popular across the world?

11. Why are people not getting attracted to good? Is it really not “Good” or are we missing the effective way of presenting the “Good”?

12. Is it justified to teach the knowledge of the self to the world with Sanskrit at the forefront?

13. Is Sanskrit mandatory for people to understand “atma gyan”? Can’t we present the absolute truth in local languages? Does God hate communicating Gita in local languages?

14. How can we make Gita slokas easily recited by foreigners?

15. Is it justifiable to present entire sashtras to the world along with Gita, or should we just keep it simple restricting ourselves to Gita?

16. Do only Indians have brains? Are only Indians good?

17. Is righteousness (Dharma) a common and uniform factor throughout the world or only Indians are synonymous with truth, character and righteousness?

18. If God is a Hindu God, why is he blessing people from other religions all over the world and vice versa?

19. Why has God put over 134 nations more peaceful in the “Global Peace Index rankings” than India and many nations richer than India, while we feel that all the avatars of God came only to India?

20. Do all the 7 rishis belong to India and are not related to other continents?

21. Can India alone own the entire Vedic knowledge and the 7 rishis leaving nothing to the rest of the world? Are we overthinking or narrowly thinking and more proud of ourselves depriving other races and ethnicities of their self-esteem?

22. Do we have any solid clue as to how people used to seek God during the first three Yugas? Is Brahma jnana available to all varnas or only a few? If most people were dharmic during the first Yugas, what could have been the methods for passing the Brahma Gyan to the bottom-most people?

23. Is it good to judge a person based on his / her birth affiliations and deprive him of the absolute truth?

24. Should one renounce their non-Vedic religious faith “upfront”, to be eligible to learn Gita, or should the gurus master the art of teaching Gita Gyan to everyone irrespective of their current faith?

25. Should we impose an Indian dress code, Tilak, living style, eating habits etc to make a person learn Vedic knowledge?

26. Are we able to show the benefits of sticking to Dharma to a common man in the simplest language that can be easily understood?

27. Have we reformed our teaching methods that suit people of all cultures?

28. When “bad” is marketed 24×7, can “good” be silent, expecting God Himself to come down and fix the “bad”? Is that silence a satvic swbhava or klaibhyam?

29. Who is responsible for the fight going on in the name of God all over the world? How much share should we give to Kali purush and how much should our gurus own?

30. How did India protect its native civilization for 3500 years while the entire world’s cultures have been annihilated?

31. Lord Krishna gave Gita at the end of Dwapara Yuga to the people of Kaliyuga. When he has presented the whole Mechanics of life so easily in the simplest perspective, did we do justice to his efforts and wishes?

32. Did our people get stuck at Gita Sloka 18.67 ignoring what Lord said on Slokas 18.68 and 18.69, causing extreme injustice to the Brahma Gyan which most humans deserve?

33. In the total number of living species in the 14 bhuvanas (3 lokas) that goes to many decillions, the souls which took the human body could be just 1 of 1 trillion. When getting a human body itself is so rare (durlabha) and so blessed and when we say that the only purpose of the human body is to seek one’s own self, why are we not effectively taking the ancient wisdom to the entire humanity?

Why Advisory Board? For a project of such a great magnitude, it needs to integrate the ideas from many sensible minds from all over the world. This will make the project one hundred per cent successful leaving no chance for failure. When we are trying to clear the mess (sectarian toxicity) which got piled up in the hearts and brains of people, it needs suggestions cutting across all cultures and ethnicities and a wide spectrum of the advisory board is the only solution.

What do we expect from our Advisory board members?

1. Understand the Project Vision and Mission document.

2. Understand the need for Gita wisdom to the world.

3. Attend Advisory board meetings once in 6 months.

4. Pass on suggestions on the methods and methodologies of taking Gita to the world without disturbing people’s current religious affiliations and sentiments.

The Advisory board shall meet once in 6 months to discuss the current stage of the project and discuss the best ways and methods to complete the activities as per schedule. The management shall consolidate the suggestions received from the board members and shall prepare an integrated action plan.

Term of Advisory Board Members: The term will be for 18 months and the membership will automatically expire after that the management will send the renewal invite to all the members who feel mutually comfortable and add value to each other. Currently, the members who are being inducted to the board during May – June 2022, will stay on the board till December 31st 2023. For any queries, Whatsapp us on 89770-31068 or email us at [email protected].


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