The material desires differ from person to person based on their education, skills and interests in addition to their trigunas’ activeness and past life karma. So, any project concerned with material desires or objectives may be attributed to individuals. But, the feeling of the inner soul will be the same and will not change with bodies. Every soul strives for internal peace and happiness and always tries to have harmony with others because of its interconnection at the root level. This project document is a mere projection of what “you” must be feeling all these years, so we are sure you will be happy to see your feelings transformed as this Project. So, it is just the reflection of all satvik natured people from all over the world.

We are small people looking for 9 credible people worldwide to be on the Governing board. This project has taken shape from one Individual who integrated the views of many other Dharmic people and gave shape to the process of taking the Gita to over 50% of the world by 2050. So, we request people to see our Foundation’s objects rather than the person behind this project. Our Founder director looks forward to offering the top position and all the powers to a most credible personality from India with a selfless attitude and down-to-earth nature. We are confident that GOD will show us one by December 22′ 2023.

Seed for this project?
We feel so sad when we see people fighting on fictitious sectarian grounds like race, religion, region, caste, etc. We feel moved when we see extreme groups enforcing their ideology on others through bloodshed. We feel so helpless when we see the public tax money being misused in non-productive ways and diverted to the pockets of lazy citizens, corrupt officers and leaders. We are unable to get justice without political power and money. Everywhere, the musclemen work hand in glove with the local leaders and police and take control of the honest and innocent people. Our heart bleeds when we see the honest and educated facing many difficulties, even for a basic living. Many of us are holding our breath for the fear of pain in forceful death and responsibility for our loved ones. Hence, we strongly feel that society needs a complete reformation and revamp, right from the bottom to the top and hence this project of litting the lights of wisdom (Gnana Jyothi) in people’s hearts.

The best platform for the Satvik.
Everyone knows what is wrong with society, and they express their anguish with their friends and family and get deeply disappointed for not being able to set things straight. This foundation provides the platform for all dharmic people to dismantle the ignorance that is not only stealing our peace of mind but also killing thousands of innocent people every year all over the world.

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