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Be open-minded till your last breath.

We are a spec of consciousness that takes a body based on the latencies of our past life karma to experience what we desire and what we are bound to. These experiences will make us feel good at times and bad at other times. These are called dualities. Our Karma and desires, make us stay with “Prakriti” which plays with the “soul” with its trigunas, namely, Satva, Rajas and Tamas. This play between Purusha and Prakriti is called “Leela” or “Maya”.

We forget that we are an integral part of a mega cosmic power and get attracted to culture, religion, language, ethnicity and all other basic attributes of the physical world. When we get attracted to such temporary illusionary sectarian parameters, our intelligence will get hijacked and will lead to confusion and we will not be able to differentiate the ‘Kshetra’ and ‘Kshetragna’. This will finally lead to accumulating more karmic debt resulting in many more births. If we do not learn the art of enjoying life while resorting to actions (Karma Yoga), it may even result in the degradation of the self that could lead to taking many births in lower realms.

The only way to come out of all our difficulties is to have an open mind and be far from all the religious junk. We must keep on seeking answers to our questions and expand our intellect till our last breath. Do not get obsessed with God’s name. Let us use our intellect. Ask us any question, irrespective of what religious affiliation you belong to. Either our Board members or our Gurus will answer your queries and post them on our YouTube channels.

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