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Shata Koti Gita Gnana Yagna

“Distributing 100 crore Karma Yoga books during 2026 and 2035”.

This Yagna is all about distributing 100 crores Karma Yoga books to 100 crore families outside India in the coming 10 years. If 1 crore people from 20 lakh middle-class and above middle-class families resolve to donate Rs.200/- every month for one Yoga book, we can distribute 100 crore books in the coming 100 months. The challenge lies in making people aware of our Project and Sankalpa. We shall try to make small videos in as many languages as possible and make them participate in this Gita Gnana Yajna.

We believe that every single Karma Yoga book along with our “free Apps” on iOS and Android along with 24×7 Gita Radio, can influence 5 people in a family. So, if we can distribute 100 crore books from our 1000 sathsanghs during 2026-2035, through mobile wisdom vans, they will have an impact on 500 crore people directly or indirectly. This distribution Yagna along with other efforts from Gita University can make 50% of the world understand Karma Yoga by the year 2050, making this world a better place to live.

This kind of effort to pass on the ancient wisdom (YOGA) to other nations, was not done on the required scale. This gave scope for fringe elements to enforce their primitive politically motivated barbaric philosophies to the world with the fear of sword and deceit. This made people not only fear God but also portrayed the supreme energy as a notorious Criminal and a sadist who always threatens and pleads people to pray to him or face dire consequences. This has made the majority of the world, leave the principle of Karma and Dharma, and blindly follow the insane theory proposed by many inhuman self-proclaimed prophets.

Peace and Harmony are possible only with Bhagawat Gita.

As a part of restoring the distorted spiritual truth, we took up the project of taking Bhagawat Gita to every family in the world. Once people understand their source and the purpose of taking birth from Bhagawat Gita, there is no question of hating one another or getting depressed in life, for petty reasons. They will have purity in thoughts, words and actions and will do only Dharmic deeds. They understand that God is not a name or form to argue with each other, but the ultimate supreme energy that embeds all of us within it and makes us experience whatever we wish and whatever we deserve with its Supreme MAYA. With GITA’s wisdom, people of different paths can live in harmony making the world a better place to live. 


āvṛitaṁ jñānam etena jñānino nitya-vairiṇā kāma-rūpeṇa kaunteya duṣhpūreṇānalena cha

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