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We can together make this possible.
We broke down this Maha Yagna into seven steps, to achieve our Project Mission. All the seven steps are named indicating the higher levels of our travel towards our Mission. The seven steps are briefly explained below.

STEP-1: Digital Gita Content: a) Creating Gita in 10 styles in the 20 most spoken languages in the world and spreading this content worldwide. b) Promoting the same using the world’s best digital promotion methods with a budget of 1 lakh rupees a day from 2026 and increasing the same to 1 crore rupees from 2031 to 2035. (For the negligence of the Intellectual people for 2500 years, the concept of God got completely hijacked and hence spending 1200 crores to clean the 2500 years of dirt that is deep-rooted in people’s hearts is not a big sum. So far, with over 5 crore rupees own funding, we have done Gita in 5 languages in 3 styles, and the work is continuing.

STEP-2: LAND FROM GOVERNMENT: Get 100 to 200 acres of Government / Temples Land by 22-12-23 for Gita University amidst Anantagiri Hills, (Vikarabad, Hyderabad) or at Vishakhapatnam, AP state or with the donation from any corporate firm.

STEP-3: Construct Gita University Construct the university in 3 years (22.12.23 to 20.12.26) and create three Short Films in 20 world languages and get 10,000 Spiritually elevated people from outside India, shortlist the best 2000 of them and give GITA Training classes either online or by associating them with local ISCON chapters.

a) Impart 4 months of classes for the shortlisted 2000 people at the Gita University campus after commissioning Gita University on 20.12.2026. Gita University will impart classes to 5,000 prospective Gita Gurus thereafter every year.
b) Start the first 1000 Gita Bhavans (800 in the USA, 100 in Russia, 100 other countries – All outside India) during May – Dec 2027. They will start addressing the grief the people feel and will make them understand that they are “Unlimited” and are not eligible for grief. These Gurus will detox all sorts of sectarian toxicity people have been intoxicated from their birth and will make them Global Citizens.

STEP-5: 10 cr Gita Followers and Training to 50,000 Gita gurus.
a). 10 Crore Gita Followers mark: During 2028-2035, 8 years period, each Gita Bhavan will pass on Gita Wisdom to 1 lakh people from their jurisdiction, making the total Gita subscribers to 1000 lakhs from 1000 Gita Bhavans. So, by 2035, there will be 10 crore GITA Subscribers with non-Indian origin worldwide (outside India). We aim to have 8cr subscribers in the USA, 1 cr subscribers in Russia and 1 cr subscribers in the rest of the world.
b). 50,000 Gita Gurus: (10,000 Physical & 40,000 Digital): During 2028-2035, 1000 Bhavans will identify the 50 best students each and will refer them to Gita University for further learning. So, Gita University will impart training to 50,000 people by 2035 and will choose the best 10,000 of them to Establish Gita Bhavans. The other 40,000 will propagate Gita wisdom, becoming a Digital Gita Guru stating their own YouTube channels.

During 2036-2045, 10 year period, the first 1000 Gita Gurus along with 10,000 Gita gurus, with the help of 10 crore Gita subscribers – will pass on Gita Wisdom to 1 lakh people from their jurisdiction, making the total Gita subscribers to 10,000 x 1 lakh = 100 crores by 2045. That means by 2045 – apart from 1 billion Hindu Gita followers within India, there will be an equal number of GITA followers outside India from other religions.

STEP-7: 5 Billion Gita Followers by 2050:
During this 5-year period, if every Gita follower from the one Billion, refers four of their family or friends to any of the 50,000 Gita gurus for any of their frustrations or dilemmas or questions or problems they have in their daily life, they can get the supreme wisdom on the creation and the creator with which they realize that they are blessed to take a human body and will perceive every problem as “a mere challenge and an experience” and will never get bogged down or get entangled with the situations. So, if each GITA follower introduces Karma Yoga to four of their friends and family between 2046 and 2050, it will make a total of 5 Billion by 2050. This step is an organic process with minimal effort from the 50,000 Gita gurus.

Jai Sri Krishna.

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