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What are the seven steps to achieve the Mission target of 5 Billion Gita followers by 2050?

In this document, we will understand the efficacious plan to make over 50% of the world endorse the principles of karma and Dharma by 2050. Let us explore the seven vital stages to bring Gita’s teachings to a global audience of 5 billion individuals by 2050.

Step 1. Create world-class Gita content.
We have planned three strategies to share Gita’s wisdom with a global audience: Digital University, Physical University, and Mobile University.

In the context of the digital university, we have acknowledged that the key to launching the ambitious Mission 5 Billion initiative lies in presenting the Bhagawat Gita in a way that is easily understandable and engaging for people. As a result, we have made a solid commitment to showcasing the Bhagawat Gita in ten unique visual styles designed to appeal to the various mindsets of individuals speaking the top twenty languages worldwide. Additionally, we have devised a plan to create 108 short films in 20 different languages that effectively communicate the essence of all the chapters of the Bhagavad Gita, even to those unfamiliar with the text.

Our project began in 2018, and we have made significant progress since then. We have successfully developed Gita content in three different styles: English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil. These valuable resources can be easily accessed on our YouTube channels. Throughout this journey, we have invested more than five crore rupees from our funds and are now reaching out to the public for their support.

To sustain our content creation efforts, we require 4000 people who can donate 1000 rupees per month to create world-class Gita content. Additionally, to promote the content worldwide using digital marketing methodologies, we need 6000 people who can donate 500 rupees monthly until 2030. Subsequently, from 2030 to 2050, once the university has amassed a comprehensive content library, we will need to amplify our daily budget by 100-fold. To achieve this, we aim to secure the support of 1 million individuals who can contribute 10 rupees daily. Considering that more than 85% of the global population remains unaware of the dharmic principles, it would be impractical to assume that we can educate such a vast number of uninformed individuals without a budget of this magnitude.

To implement the digital university concept, it is necessary to establish a 1 lakh square feet infrastructure, which will include accommodations for the permanent technical team dedicated to this project. This endeavor requires funding of 100 crores and entails monthly expenses of 1 crore rupees. Although it will be an integral part of the Gita University campus, it will function as a separate wing. Additionally, this can serve as an alternative option, referred to as Plan B, for the physical and Mobile university divisions and can be pursued separately if we generate only 10% of the required 1200 crore funds for the project.

Step 2. The major task here is to get one plus 18 of the most reputed people to endorse the project and raise funds afterwards.

Our immediate goal is to identify a distinguished individual with excellent English language skills who concurs with our objectives and agrees to be the Ambassador for the Gita University project. He or she will be the protagonist for this project, and there shall be an honorarium of 1% of the project cost to meet all the logistics involved. This individual should be capable of actively contributing to the project and should persuade a select group of prominent businessmen and celebrities to join the advisory board of Gita University. As we progress towards establishing Gita University, we aim to have 108 members on the Advisory board.

After forming an 18-member advisory board, a few will meet with the state and central governments and request that they allocate 100 to 200 acres of land to develop an international spiritual city. The team will organise a nationwide press conference in Mumbai alongside a reputed spiritual master from India. The team will provide a comprehensive overview of the project to both Print and Electronic Media and appeal to the general public for financial support. After the project’s announcement to the media, the team head will actively engage with various prominent national and South Indian media channels, engage in a Q&A session with news anchors, and urge the public to back the initiative.

The various fundraising plans we adopt are discussed below.

The various fundraising plans are discussed in a separate document. We hope to receive 10% of the funds in the first three months after conducting a national press conference, with which we can complete the foundation works and the ground floor skeleton. Based on our progress and selfless intentions, Mother Nature will automatically transpire and bless the project with the remaining funds within two years, parallel to the construction target time of 30 months.

Fundraising method 1: Target the top 1000 wealthy Indians for 1200 crore fund for Gita University and 1000 crores for objectives 2 and 3. We look forward for 108 people who can donate 12 crores each for Project-1 and 1000 people who can donate one crore each for Projects 2 and 3.

India is home to over 12,000 ultra-high-net-worth individuals, each with a net worth exceeding $30 million. If our fundraising team can identify 10% of these ultra HNIs, we could raise 1200 crore to support the development of 2400 units of the critical infrastructure required for Gita University.

Fundraising method 2: Adopt crowd-funding methods and seek small donations from 1 million people. In addition to securing funds from affluent Indians, we will employ crowd-funding techniques to amass 1200 crore rupees. We firmly believe that within 2 to 3 months following the national press conference combined with TV interviews, we will be able to inspire one million individuals to contribute either Rupees 500 per month for 24 months or a one-time donation of Rupees 12,000. We shall associate with TV or Popular Digital Media channels to make the general public aware of the project.

Who will be our target donors in this method of fundraising?
All software engineers, professionals like Architects, Advocates etc and all business people whose take home salary is over and above Rs.30000/- per month.

Fundraising method 3 – Involve Social Media influencers across India.
We aim to identify 100 prominent social media personalities with a vast number of followers on their YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram profiles. These individuals will come from various fields, including motivation, home decor, automotive, culinary, political news, reviews, spiritual teachings, entertainment, temple exploration, travel, actors and actresses official social media platforms, fitness, beauty, health, tutorials, unboxing, DIY, pranks, vlogging, and any other social media sites with good audience. We will request them to share our video content or create content with their own ideas that effectively communicate the Mission 5 Billion project to their audience. Additionally, we will approach Carnatic and Hindustani singers and classical dancers nationwide to record a 3-minute segment and post it on their social media platforms to expedite the initiative. There shall be a respectable honorarium for everyone who helps pool funds for Gita University construction.

Other Funding Methods.
We plan to engage with all MLAs and MPs across India in addition to the four approaches mentioned earlier. By ensuring a dedicated team represents our project and reaches out to these officials, we anticipate a positive response from 200 MPs and 1000 MLAs. Furthermore, we are prepared to provide a complimentary automated system for addressing issues to all politicians who assist in constructing Gita University.

We will also appeal to all 29 states to contribute funds from their endowment income and state-managed temple trust revenues based on the pro rata basis of the population. This collective effort aims to gather 1200 crores from all Indian states, encompassing a population of 130 crores. For instance, a state with a population of five crores may contribute 46 crores towards this initiative. Additionally, we will contact all IAS and IPS officers, seeking their support to the best of their abilities. Finally, we humbly request India’s top 10 royal families to endorse this project and join the 108 Chief Advisory Board.

Step number 3. Construct Gita University & Identify 2000 Spiritually elevated people from outside India.

During the years 2024 and 2026, we will construct Gita University. In conjunction with the ongoing construction of the university, our focus will be on identifying 2000 individuals who possess a heightened spiritual consciousness, with a significant majority of 75% hailing from the United States. Initially, we will impart Gita wisdom through online platforms, and subsequently, these individuals will be welcomed as the inaugural batch of students after commissioning Gita University.

Step 4. Commission Gita University & Present the first 1000 Gita gurus to the world.
If everything goes as planned, we can commission Gita University on in December 2027. (It was 2025 in our original plan. This got delayed for various reasons). The selection process for the university will involve a thorough examination and careful selection of 2000 potential Gita Gurus, who will then be admitted to the university campus as the inaugural batch of students. These individuals will undergo 120 days of intensive training directly from the renowned Gita Gurus of India. Subsequently, the top 1000 will be ratified and certified by any of the five Shankara matts and empowered to initiate Gita Bhavans globally. We plan to establish 75% of these Sathsanghs in the United States of America, while the remaining 25% will be distributed among ten other developed nations, including a few in Europe and East Asia.

Step 5. Create 10,000 Gita Gurus & Have ten crore Bhagawat Gita followers outside India.
Through a network of 1,000 Gita Bhavans, the Gurus will disseminate the teachings of the Gita to individuals residing within their jurisdiction. Each Sathsangh, from 2027 to 2036, will strive to certify 100,000 people on Gita Wisdom. This endeavor will lead to ten crore subscribers across all 1000 Gita Bhavans by the end of 2036. Furthermore, during these ten years, each Sathsangh will identify 50 spiritually enlightened individuals from their students at a rate of 5 per year. These selected students will be sent to the Gita University campus for advanced training in the profound knowledge of the Gita.

Consequently, between 2027 and 2036, Gita University will conduct Gita classes for 50,000 prospective Gita gurus, with 5,000 spiritually elevated people attending each year. The top 1,000 will be certified as Gita gurus. They will establish new Gita Bhavans, totalling 10,000 in a decade. The initial 1,000 Sathsanghs will oversee these 10,000 additional Sathsanghs. Therefore, by 2036, there will be 10,000 subsidiary Sathsanghs in addition to the existing 1,000 primary Sathsanghs worldwide, and a staggering ten crore Non Indian origin Gita followers in the field. This implies that there will be one Sathsangh for every one million people by 2036.

Step 6. One billion NRI Gita followers by 2046.
Between 2036 and 2045, every sathsangh will impart Gita wisdom to one lakh individuals within its jurisdiction. Consequently, by the end of 2046, all the 10,000 sathsangs, along with the ten crore Gita followers on the field, will have a staggering 100 crore foreigners embracing the Principle of Karma and Dharma.

Step 7. Mission 5 Billion accomplished.
Between 2047 and 2050, in four years, every certified Gita follower will be able to share the wisdom of the Gita with four people from their circle of family and friends, making the 1 billion foreign Gita followers in 2046 grow to 5 billion by 2050.

Before concluding this presentation, let’s backtrack from our goal of reaching 5 billion people by 2050 and focus on the urgent requirements to achieve our mission.

Achieving the endorsement of 5 billion individuals for the principles of Karma and Dharma by 2050 will be sinecure if we have 1 billion subscribers by 2046. This will be a cakewalk if we have ten crore Gita followers and 10,000 Gita Gurus by 2036. This will be possible if we can produce 1000 Gita Gurus and establish 1000 Sathsanghs by 2027.

Creating International Gita gurus will be possible by establishing an international centre for human excellence called Gita University. This ambitious endeavour can be made possible by pooling 1200 crores of funds, inspiring 0.1% of the 1 billion dharmic individuals worldwide to donate a small amount or convincing the top 120 richest Hindus globally, where each one can contribute 50 crore rupees. Such inspiration can be achieved by bringing 1+18 credible celebrities on board who can kick off the project by conducting a national-level press meeting, explaining the project and calling for donations.

This is a private document and not for public circulation.

Jai Shri Krishna.

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