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We can together make this possible.
We broke down this Maha Yagna into seven steps, to achieve our Project Mission. All the seven steps are named indicating the higher levels of our travel towards our Mission. The seven steps are briefly explained below.

STEP 1. Produce 10 Unique styles of Bhagawat Gita. (2017-2030)
STEP 2. Funds, People, Syllabus, Departments, Methods and Methodologies.

2022-2023: Crowd Funding (200-300cr), Corporates (500cr) and Celebrities & All state governments (500cr).
2022-2023: Funds for Hollywood Film Production on Lord Rama and Krishna.
2022-2023: Identify 108 Prominent members from all over the world to be on the “Chief Advisory Board”
2023-2024: Identify 2000 Prospective gurus and conduct Gita classes online.
2023-2024: Identify 100 reputed Gita gurus from all over the world and have them on the Gita Gurus board of the university.
2023-2024: Incorporate “World Association for Yoga Trainers”.
2024: Syllabus preparation for 120 days of training at Gita university and at Karma Yoga Centres (Sathsanghs).
2022-2026: Hopefully do Bhumi puja on 3-12-2022 and complete Gita University by 20-12-2026.

We shall promote Bhagawat Gita in English and other world languages from 2022 to 2024 if we have supporters for Gita making and digital marketing. We shall also produce a world-class documentary on the Principle of Karma and Dharma during 2023 in as many languages as we can and shall promote it all over the world. These will attract people with higher levels of consciousness toward learning the Vedic philosophy. From them, we shall Identify 2000 Wise, Young, and Dynamic people from all countries, and shall impart GITA wisdom to them through online methods. We shall clarify all the doubts they have about Bhagawat Gita, linking them with India’s leading Gita gurus. Preference will be given to the Yoga gurus who are into teaching physical aspects of Yoga in their country.

If God wills, during the years 2023 to 2024, produce the films of Lord Rama and Krishna and release them with 9 months gap one in the year 2025 and another in 2026. These two films will make the world understand the greatness of Lord Rama and Krishna and will make them shocked and puzzled for not knowing such wonderful characters all these years. This will not only make the task for our 1000 Karma Yoga gurus easy but also keep them in high demand.

Commission Gita University and impart 4 months of training for the 2000 shortlisted people as its first batch of students from reputed Gita gurus of India. This will be the most remarkable year in this Kaliyuga, as we shall present 1000 karma Yoga gurus to the world and support them in starting 1000 ashrams, in the 500 most populous cities all over the world.

These 1000 Certified Karma Yogis will go back to their country and shall propagate Bhagawat Gita in their city through discourses both online and offline. They shall establish 1000 self-sustaining Sathsangs with basic level services free and a few more levels chargeable. So, during the years 2026-2030, 1000 primary sathsanghs will be established and will be fully functioning, delivering Gita wisdom to the public. They will also be involved in distributing Gita books with a mobile kiosk in the evenings amidst busy areas.

Each Sathsangh during 2026-2035 will Identify 50 more wise and dynamic people from their students. They will be sent to the University campus for 100 days of extensive training on Bhagawat Gita and other services we offer at the SathSanghs. So, during 2026-2035, our University campus will train 50000 people and certify the best 20% of them as “Gita Gurus’. These 10,000 people will be guided to establish a Karma Yoga center in an allotted location, similar to the first 1000 primary Karma Yoga Centers wherever the need is noticed and the others will start spreading Gita wisdom using online methods and discourses at places of invitation. The other 40,000 people will be given additional Gita classes and will be allowed to start teaching GITA online on social media platforms.

So, for every 1 million people, there shall be one Master who guides people with the knowledge of Self and impart True Yogic Science.

Each Sathsangh is expected to impart Karma Yoga and certify 1 lakh people in their vicinity in a span of 10 years during 2036 – 2045. So, all the 10,000 Sathsanghs and the 40,000 online Gurus put together shall certify 1 billion people outside India across 195+ countries by 2045. Later during 2046-2050, if every Gita follower (Yogi) passes on Gita wisdom (Yogic Science) to 4 more people from their friends or family, these 1 billion Gita followers will become 5 billion by the year 2050.

All the processes, like enrollment, training, materials, certification, and all other technical aspects will be monitored from one central location and hence the need for Gita University construction.

If you concur with our objects and procedures, donate and become a part of this Maha Yagna.

Jai Sri Krishna.

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