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The Support Team is always here to help or take help from anyone to reach the objectives of this Foundation. Please give all the details as precise as possible. Also, please elaborate on the message so that our team can properly answer you or escalate the matter to the higher-ups. Please give us 2 working days to come back to you. If in case, you do not get any reply for various technical or inadequate staff reasons, please feel free to Whatsapp Ms.Reshma on 89779-31068 and cc to 89770-31068.

For donation confirmations, receipts and certificates, Vocab Mistakes in website: Ms.Reshma 89779-31068
For payment issues/gateway problems/Website security Issues:  

Email : [email protected]
Admin Office: Flat 104, Vijayasree Apartments, Opp. Kamma Sangham Function Hall, Lane beside Mangalya and Chandana Brothers, Nagarjuna Nagar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500073.

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