Physical University on a 100-acre campus.

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The infrastructure required for Gita University (Phase-1)

1. The infrastructure for Training Gita gurus
1000 # Double room accommodation
4 # 500-Seater Seminar Halls
Auditorium for 2000 People
Kitchen and Dining Halls

With this capacity, we can impart 4 months of GITA training to 6000 gurus every year. A few who qualify will get into the establishment of Self-sustaining Sathsanghs, an affiliate setup of Gita University. If Gita University is commissioned in the year 2026, it can impart Gita Wisdom to 54,000 prospective gurus by the year 2035. Of these, we shall pick the best 10,000 people as GITA gurus and help them establish a Sathsangh @ one for every one million people all over the world. A few others will take GITA discourses on YouTube and other social media platforms.

2. The infrastructure for Training CEOs & Managers
■ 1000 Rooms
■ 10# 200-seater Halls.
■ Kitchen and Dining halls.

Here, the classes will be conducted for 18 days, especially for CEOs, Managers, and politicians. With this capacity @ 15 batches in a year, we can impart Gita wisdom to 30,000 people. When CEOs and Managers have Gita wisdom, the entire team working below them will be the beneficiaries. With Gita wisdom, politicians will understand that their political opportunity is because of their dharmic deeds in their past life and so they will try to be more dharmic deeds in this life also to continue the same legacy.

3. Infrastructure required for training fresh graduates.

■ 2 # Lecture Halls for 250 People.
■ Dormitory Accommodation for 500 people.
■ Kitchen & Dining halls.

This is a finishing school concept, where the college management can send their students to Gita University during their final year of graduation for 6 days of life skills training. With this capacity @ 50 batches in a year, we can impart Gita wisdom to 25,000 students annually.
Note: The infrastructure required for training 5 lakh Gita gurus (2026-2035) from socially backward communities from 5 lakh Indian villages is not mentioned here.

4. Accommodation for Gurus, Board Members, and donors
■ 25 # 3BHK Flats for Resident members
■ 40 # 2BHK Flats for Key office staff
■ 50 # 2BHK Flats for a few sub staff
■ 100 # Suite Rooms for Gita Gurus & Guests
■ Dining & Kitchen

We find Bangalore and Hyderabad to be ideal locations and soon we shall request both the state and central governments for the land. Let us leave the location decision to Lord Krishna and he will decide where he intends to have his central setup. This will be finalized maximum by March 2023.

Funds Required:

a) Funds Required for Physical GITA University Construction

Apart from seeking 400 crore funds from all the state governments, we aim to pool 800 crore funds from people from various walks of life and we classify the donors as below, for our record purpose.

Bronze donors
We need 2 lakh generous people including students who can donate Rs.10000/- (140$) each (or) Rs.500/- per month for 20 months. These generous people will be given lifetime access to all our Apps and online Gita classes. They will have the right to vote for the 108 members “chief advisory board”.

Silver donors
The project needs 20,000 people who can generously donate 1 lakh each. These donors will become members of the “Advisory Board” at the State level and will right to vote at the National level.

Gold donors
We need 800 people who can generously donate 25 lakhs each. These donors along with platinum donors will become members of the “Advisory Board” at the National level and right to vote at the Global level.

Platinum donors
We need 600 corporates who can generously donate 1 crore each. These donors will automatically become permanent members of the “Chief Advisory Board”, the High-level board at the Global level. This is also possible if the top 10 CSR funding companies, take 5% of their annual CSR funding of 20-25 thousand crores and allocate it for this project that teaches sovereign science to the world.

Note: We do not accept any donations by cash. Please do not give any cash to any of our Volunteers (or) any person. Make sure you verify our foundation name properly.


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