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Why Bhagawat Gita is mandatory to the world?

We believe that this world cannot have peace and harmony without having the knowledge of self and the science behind our birth. Everyone right from a small child, a college student, a homemaker, an employee, a manager, the CEO and a politician is becoming more and more turbulent and short-tempered in their nature and attitude. All the relations are getting strained right from Parent-child, Teacher-student, Friends, Husband-wife, Boss-Employee and what not. There is no peace of mind for anyone despite their material possessions. People are having extreme levels of love, hatred, anger, desires, lust, sensitiveness and everything which is giving them sleepless nights. The reason for all this is that we have no idea of the mechanics of life and we lack the discrimination between prescribed karma and abandoned karma and their advantages and consequences. Everyone is being identified with fictitious attributes like Nationality, Religion, Caste, Race, Ethnicity, Color, Gender, Educational qualifications, Parents’ status, Material possessions etc. So, we feel teaching the Bhagawat Gita is the only solution to overcome all the problems and drive humans towards Dharma.

The seven holy steps in our Mission 5 Billion Project.

1. 2017-2030:
Create Gita content (10 styles in 20+ world languages).

2. 2022-2023:
2022-2023: Crowd Funding (200-300cr), Corporates (500cr) and Celebrities & All state governments (500cr).
2023: Funds for Hollywood Film Production on Lord Rama and Krishna.
2022-2023: Identify 108 Prominent members from all over the world to be on the “Chief Advisory Board”
2023-2024: Identify 2000 Prospective gurus and conduct Gita classes online.
2023-2024: Identify 100 reputed Gita gurus from all over the world and have them on the Gita Gurus board of the university.
2023-2024: Incorporate “World Association for Yoga Trainers”.
2024: Syllabus preparation for 120 days of training at Gita university and at Karma Yoga Centers (Sathsanghs).

3. 2023-2025:
* Bhumi puja on 3-12-2022 and start constructing Gita university and aim to complete by 2026.
* Search and finalize 2000 prospective Gita gurus from 195 countries and start giving them inputs on Gita through online methods.

4. 2025-2026:
Commission Gita University and impart 120 days of training for the 2000 shortlisted people as its first batch students from reputed Gita gurus of India. Finalize the best 1000 of them and present them to the world. They will establish Sathsangs, one for every 65 lakh people outside India.

5. 2026-2035:
These people will start passing on Gita wisdom with a target of 1 lakh people (of 65 lakhs) in 10 years period i.e. during 2026-2035. This will make the total Gita followers (1000 x 1 lakh) 10 crores by the year 2035.

Also, during their 10 years teaching period (2026-2035), they shall identify 50 dynamic and highly passionate people from their students and send them to the Gita university campus for the next level of Gita training from Indian gurus. So, from these 1000×50=50000 prospective gurus, the university shall choose 10000 best of them and make them establish a sathsangh. So, by 2035, there shall be 1000 primary + 10000 secondary Sathsanghs; 1 for every 1 million population all over the world.

6. 2036-2045:
These 10000 secondary sathsanghs, during 2036 – 2045 (10 years) shall impart Gita wisdom to 1 lakh people from their jurisdiction of 1 million people. So, by 2045, 10000 Sathsanghs will together have 10000×1 lakh membership = 1 billion Gita followers (from outside India).

Please note that there are about 2 billion people who abandoned their religious scriptures as they were found to be insane and creepy and became “disbelievers of God”. We strongly believe that we can make 50% of them understand and agree with the principle of Karma and Dharma.

7. 2046-2050:
During the period 2046-2050, every Gita follower will pass on Gita wisdom to 4 of their friends and family, making 1 billion Gita followers to 5 billion.

For all this to happen, we need to build a university campus on 100 acres and need 1200 crore rupees. 

Please see the various structural components listed below that are required for the functioning of the University at its full pace. We aim to fundraise during 2021-2022 and start University construction on 3.12.2022. The pace of construction depends on the pace at which people act and donate to this cause.

Infrastructure required for Gita University (Phase-1)

1. The infrastructure for Training Gita gurus
■ Auditorium for 2000 people. (1)
■ Accommodation for 2000 people.
■ Kitchen and Dining hall.

With this capacity, we can impart 4 months of GITA training to 6000 gurus every year. A few who qualify will get into the establishment of Self-sustaining Sathsanghs, an affiliate setup of Gita University. If Gita University is commissioned in the year 2026, it can impart Gita Wisdom to 54,000 prospective gurus by the year 2035. Of these, we shall pick the best 10,000 people as GITA gurus and help them establish a Sathsangh @ one for every one million people all over the world.

2. The infrastructure for Training CEO’s & Managers
■ Lecture Halls with 200 people. (10)
■ Accommodation for 2000 people.
■ Kitchen and Dining hall for 2000 people.

Here, the classes will be conducted for 18 days, especially for CEO’s, Managers, and politicians. With this capacity @ 15 batches in a year, we can impart Gita wisdom to 30,000 people. When CEOs and Managers have Gita wisdom, the entire team working below them will be the beneficiaries. With Gita wisdom, politicians will understand that their political opportunity is because of their dharmic deeds in their past life and so they will try to be more dharmic in this life also to continue the same legacy.

3. Infrastructure required for training fresh graduates
■ Lecture Hall with 500 people (1).
■ Dormitory Accommodation for 500 people.
■ Kitchen and Buffet Dining setup for 500 people.

This is a finishing school concept, where the college managements can send their students to Gita University during their final year of graduation for 6 days of life skills training. With this capacity @ 50 batches in a year, we can impart Gita wisdom to 25,000 students annually.
Note: Infrastructure required for training 5 lakh Gita gurus (2026-2035) from socially backward communities from 5 lakh Indian villages is not mentioned here.

4. Accommodation for Gurus, Board Members, and donors
■ 2BHK Flats – 25 # for our Gita Gurus.
■ 3BHK Flats – 25# for Board members and High-security Guests.
■ Suite rooms – 100 # for Platinum and Gold Members during their
campus visits. ( See page-31 of the project document for membership types.)
Note: All donors who donate 25 lakhs and above can visit the campus for 2 days every year with their families and verify the processes going on at the university campus.

We find Bangalore and Hyderabad to be ideal locations and soon we shall request both the state and central governments for the land. If there is any difficulty in setting up here in India, we intend to set up this in the United States. Let us leave the location decision to Lord Krishna and he will decide where he intends to have his central setup. 

Funds Required:

a) Funds Required for Physical GITA University Construction

Apart from seeking 400 crore funds from all the state governments, we aim to pool 800 crore funds from people from various walks of life and we classify the donors as below, for our record purpose.

Bronze donors
We need 2 lakh generous people including students who can donate Rs.10000/- (140$) each (or) Rs.500/- per month for 20 months. These generous people will be given lifetime access to all our Apps and online Gita classes. They will have the right to vote for the 108 members “chief advisory board”.

Silver donors
The project needs 20,000 people who can generously donate 1 lakh each. These donors will become members of the “Advisory Board” at State level and will right to vote at National level.

Gold donors
We need 800 people who can generously donate 25 lakhs each. These donors along with platinum donors will become members of the “Advisory Board” at the National level and right to vote at the Global level.

Platinum donors
We need 600 corporates who can generously donate 1crore each. These donors will automatically become permanent members of the “Chief Advisory Board”, the High-level board at the Global level.

b) Funds Required for Digital University
Making 10 types of Gita in 20 world’s most spoken languages and sending the same to every cell phone and computer through aggressive digital marketing methods, along with digitizing the entire Vedic philosophy that includes 4 Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and Itihasas.

4000 small donors required for Making Gita:
Making 10 types of Gita in 20 world’s most spoken languages along with digitising the entire Vedic philosophy that includes 4 Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and Itihasas. So far, we have made Gita in 3 styles in over 5 languages and the work is going on at a slow pace as of now and will catch up once we get 4000 donors who can commit to contributing Rs.1000/- every month till the year 2030.

6000 small donors required for Digital promotion:
We need 6000 monthly donors who can donate Rs.500/- every month for promoting Bhagawad Gita all over the world on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This is very important in this digital world. We look forward to budgeting one lakh rupees every day for another 30 years to push Gita saar to all mobiles across the world. We have a plan to make Gita content in the simplest way in 1000 small video files in over 20 languages and push the content to 195 countries. This is a parallel effort to the physical Gita University saptapadi plan. Till such time we get these donors for this specific purpose, we shall use the funds people donate for Physical Gita University construction.

These 10,000 people are like “Oxygen” for us during this crucial stage. We request software engineers, doctors, business people, and others to be a part of the ‘Making and Promotion of Gita’ all over the world parallel to physical Gita university works.

As a practical part of Bhagavad Gita, we started digitizing 24000 slokas of Valmiki Ramayana with meanings for the first time in the world. We are looking for 3240 sponsors who can donate Rs.12000/- for each sarga. Visit to support this project.

Making Hollywood films on Lord Rama & Krishna by the year 2025 to pave the way for our 1000 Karma Yoga gurus to start sowing the seeds of Jnana all over the world. We also intend to dub the most famous TV serials on Mahabharata, Hara Hara Maha deva, and Ramayana in the 20 most spoken languages and telecast them on their TV channels.

The initiation of fundraising for making a Hollywood film on Lord Rama and Lord Krishna will start on 3.12.2022 Gita Jayanti day. For making two films in 20 languages, we need 1 lakh NRI’s to donate as little as $600 onetime or $60 for 10 months and 10 lakh people Pan India who can donate Rs.5000/- onetime or Rs.500/- per month for 10 months. People may visit to express their interest.

c) Mobile University (Shata Koti Gita Gnana Yagna)
We need around 20 lakh donors who can sponsor 5 Karma Yoga books each costing Rs.200/- every month (or 1 crore donors who can sponsor 1 Karma Yoga book) starting from the year 2025 till the year 2035. This will enable our 1000 Sathsanghs to distribute 100 crore Yoga books (during 2026-2035) in 100 months in foreign countries, through mobile wisdom vans. These 100 cr Karma Yoga books along with our free mobile Apps and 24×7 Gita web radio and 10 types of Gita in 20 languages can show 5 times the impact worldwide. See pages 44-49 of the Project document for more details.

Note: We do not accept any donations by cash. Please do not give any cash to any of our Volunteers (or) any person. Make sure you verify our foundation name properly.

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