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Infrastructure Required for Gita University.

Greetings. This is a presentation by the Bhagawat Gita Foundation for Vedic Studies. Now, we will look at the infrastructure required at Gita University. Before that, let us explore the significance of Bhagavad Gita’s wisdom for the world.

We firmly believe that true peace and harmony can only be achieved through self-realisation. When we lack awareness regarding our existence, the purpose of our being, and the fundamental mechanics of life, everything becomes perplexing and chaotic. Our perception becomes distorted, leading to erroneous knowledge and disorder.

We are currently observing an alarming rise in unnecessary aggression, spanning from young children to politicians. Our society is becoming increasingly volatile and short-tempered in our nature and attitude. Relationships are becoming strained over trivial matters, causing a lack of peace of mind for individuals regardless of their material possessions. People are burdened with excessive desires, love, hatred, anger, sadness, sensitivity, and expectations, leading to sleepless nights. The root cause of all these issues lies in our ignorance of our true selves and the inability to differentiate between prescribed and abandoned karma, along with their respective advantages and consequences. Unfortunately, individuals are defined by fictitious attributes such as nationality, religion, caste, race, ethnicity, colour, gender, educational qualifications, parental status, and material possessions. Therefore, we firmly believe that teaching the Bhagawat Geeta is the sole solution to overcoming sectarian toxicity and guiding humanity towards Dharmic and peaceful living.

In the past, individuals such as elders, gurus, village leaders, kings, Swamijis, scriptures, and prophets made decisions on our behalf, and we blindly followed their guidance. However, today, people have become more astute and discerning. They no longer accept anything without logical reasoning and thorough understanding. Consequently, individuals commenced to inquire and presented all the sacred texts concealed beneath their revered bindings within the purview of contemporary human intellect. This is why we witness a significant number of people, exceeding 2 billion worldwide, opting out of religious doctrines that appear irrational to them. They are searching for absolute truth, and we are confident that the Bhagawat Gita will fulfil their quest. Therefore, it is the opportune moment for the next 20-30 years to introduce the Bhagawat Gita to the world.

Now, let’s examine the different structural elements necessary for the operation of the University.

The infrastructure required for Gita University.

Sector 1.
The infrastructure required for training gita gurus.

1. Auditorium for 2000 people.
2. 1000 rooms to accommodate 2000 people.
3. Kitchen and Dining hall.

With this setup, we can impart training to 6000 gurus every year.

Sector 2.
The infrastructure required for giving Gita Wisdom to Businessmen, CEOs, Directors, especially rich kids and celebrity kids, along with people in public service such as Politicians, IAS, IPS officers and others.

1. Ten conference halls with 200 people capacity.
2. 1000 suite rooms to accommodate 2000 people.
3. Kitchen and Dining hall.

This will operate with a revenue-generating approach. The generated revenue will cover the expenses for the Sector-1 and Sector-3 domains. The main objective of this initiative is to instil the principles of Karma within the hearts of politicians, businessmen, celebrities, and their children, who significantly influence the progress of nations.

These businessmen play a pivotal role in bolstering the infrastructure of their respective nations, as they are the highest contributors to tax revenues. It is concerning to observe that most of their offspring do not possess the same admirable qualities as their parents. Should these individuals deviate from the right path, it could potentially jeopardise the future of the whole world.

Furthermore, the affluent younger generation, who are expected to serve as a source of inspiration for their peers, are succumbing to mental fragility and immersing themselves in darkness. Arjuna, filled with immense sorrow on the battlefield, received the profound wisdom of Two Yogic paths from Lord Krishna, who guided him to fulfil his prescribed duty. Likewise, the esteemed mentors at Gita University will bestow the enlightening wisdom of Yoga upon these affluent youngsters, elevating them to the stature of their parents by conscientiously reminding them of their privileged birth resulting from virtuous actions in their past lives. If entrepreneurs conduct their businesses following righteous principles, not only will the economic fortunes of nations transform, but the individuals working under them will also experience genuine happiness.

The mentoring sessions will last 18 days. With this capacity, we can impart training to 30,000 people every year. This facility will be available at all our primary sathsanghs to perfectly orient the offspring of over sixty million people worldwide with a net worth of over 1 million US dollars.

Sector 3.
The infrastructure required to inject the qualities of a stitha pragnya among fresh graduates.
1. Conference Hall for 500 people.
2. Dormitory for 500 people.
3. Kitchen and dining setup for 500 people.

Gita University offers a one-week finishing school program on Karma Yoga, allowing college administrators to send their graduating students to Gita classes during their final year. Through this initiative, we can produce 25,000 individuals annually with a thorough understanding of the sovereign secret akin to Arjuna.

Sector 4.
Accommodation for Board Members, Guests, Gita gurus, University sub staff, etc.
1. 3BHK Flats for Board members and Senior staff.
2. Suite rooms for High-security Guests.
3. 2 BHK Flats for Geeta Gurus who teach Geeta on the university campus.
4. 1 BHK Flats for sub-staff residing at campus.

We request that all people, especially the top 2000 wealthy and kind-hearted Hindus worldwide who concur with the Mission 5 Billion project, come forward and invest one crore rupees in two suite rooms. Under this assumption, a contribution from a mere 1200 generous sponsors would complete the construction of Gita University.

How to make a corporate donation?
To make a corporate donation, please get in touch with us at 89779-31068 and provide us with the sponsor’s details. Our esteemed Directors will be delighted to arrange a personal meeting with them to discuss various donation options. The corporate donor can choose the most suitable method based on these options. Additionally, any donor contributing more than one crore rupees will be granted shares in the foundation. This ensures that the donors become Gita University’s highest authority and play a crucial role in overseeing its operations.

Should corporations invest in suite rooms with a one-time cheque payment?
We kindly request that individuals who agree with our objectives and wish to support may initially contribute only 10% of the willing donation sum. For instance, if a corporate entity wishes to donate one crore rupees towards a set of suite rooms, they may initially donate 10 lakh rupees. The remaining 90% of the donation may be remitted at the corporate donors meeting, which will be organised once we secure a commitment of 1200 crore rupees from affluent dharmic people worldwide. At this juncture, we humbly appeal to the top 100 affluent business individuals to kindly consider sponsoring ten sets of suite rooms valued at ten crore rupees. This will allow others to adjust their contributions based on their willingness, capacity, and generosity.

How to make small donations?
For those interested in making small donations, kindly take note of the number displayed on the screen to donate using Google Pay or Phone Pay. Bank transfers can be made to the account details shown on the screen. Alternatively, you may proceed with the donation process by scanning the QR code displayed. Transfer options such as Razorpay, Paypal, Credit cards, Debit cards, Gpay, Phone pay, Bank-to-bank transfers, and other standard donation methods are accepted.

May the principles of Karma and Dharma prevail all over the world.

Thank you.




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