Funds Required for Digital University


PHASE-I: Infrastructure
Accommodation for Prospective Yoga gurus.
1000 Rooms for prospective Gita gurus (students)
Rooms const area = 3 Lakh sqft
Common Area = 1 lakh sqft
Kitchen, Dining Halls = 20000 sqft
4# 500 Seater Seminar Halls = 4 x 20k sqft = 80k sqft
Total Building sqft = 5 lakh sqft
Cost per sqft @ Rs.6000/- *
* Including Fixtures and Furniture.
Total Cost for Tower-1 = 300.00 cr
Note: 100 Acres Land: We have budgeted 10cr if we can get from the Government
          and 50cr if we have to buy a Land from Private people.
Total cost for Tower-1 & Land: 310-350 crores

PHASE – II Infrastructure
Accomidation for Board Members and Gita gurus.

3BHK Flats for Resident board members & Gita gurus – 25 = 50000sft
Accomidation for resident staff members & few vital sub staff
2BHK Flats for key office staff (1000sft) – 40 = 40000sft
2BHK Flats for key office staff (800sft) – 50 = 40000sft
Suite Rooms- 100 = 50000sft
Common Areas, Dining & Kitchen = 70000sft
Total construction area = 2,50,000 sft
Cost per sqft @ Rs.5000/- *
* Including Fixtures and Furniture.
a) Total Cost for Tower-2 = 125.00 cr
b) Auditorium for 2000 People = 75.00 cr

PHASE-III Infrastructure
Gita classes for CEOs, Politicians & Celebrity Kids for fees.
1000 Rooms { 24000 people per annum }
Rooms const area = 3 Lakh sqft Fees: 1 lakh
Common Area = 1 lakh sqft 2000 Cap pm.
Kitchen, Dining Halls = 20k sqft 20cr per month
10# 200 Seater Seminar Halls = 10 x 8k sqft = 80k sqft Meet Expenses
Total Building sqft = 5 lakh sqft
Cost per sqft @ Rs.6000/- *
* Including Fixtures and Furniture.
Total cost for Tower-3 = 300.00 cr

PHASE-IV Infrastructure
Gita classes for fresh graduates
Lecture Halls for 250 People = 10000 sqft
Lecture Halls for 250 People = 10000 sqft
Dormitary Accomidation for 500 people = 35000 sqft
Kitchen & Dining = 45000 sqft
Common areas = 50000 sqft
Total construction area – 1.5 lakh sqft
Cost per sqft @ Rs.6000/- *
* Including Fixtures and Furniture.
Total cost for Tower-4 = 90.00 cr

PHASE-V 18 Shakti Peeths (School of excellence)
3+15 years of Education: School Capacity: 1080
Aim to have 18 Such Schools all over India by 2050.
Class size: 60
18 Classrooms – 60 students per class.
Meet Expenses from offering adoption of students to affluent/childless parents.
18x(1000sft)= 18000 sft through
Staff rooms & Other School Infra / Admin = 18000 sft
Common areas = 18k sft Facility
Dormitary Accomidation for 1000 people = 66000 sft
Kitchen and Dining = 30000 sft
Total construction area = 150000 sft.
Cost per sqft @ Rs.6000/- *
* Including Fixtures and Furniture.
Total cost for Tower-5 = 90.00 cr

Misc, Unforeseen, Corpus, etc. 150.00 cr

Total Project Cost 1,200.00 cr

Funds Required for Digital University

Making Digital content (Mp3 and Mp4 files)
Making 10 types of Gita in 20 world’s most spoken languages along with digitizing the entire Vedic philosophy that includes 4 Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, and Itihasas. So far, with the personal funding from the directors, we have made Gita in 3 styles in over 5 languages. We have to do the same in 15 more languages. Also, we have to do Gita in 7 more styles as mentioned in our Gita Dashavatars video.

We intend to promote Bhagawad Gita all over the world on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is very important in this digital world. We look forward to budgeting one lakh rupees every day for another 30 years to push Gita saar to all mobiles across the world. We have a plan to make Gita content in the simplest way in 1000 small video files in over 20 languages and push the content to 195 countries.

Funds required: We request software engineers, doctors, business people, and others to be a part of this yajna and donate as little as Rs.100/- to Rs.1000/- every month for their lifetime.

Mobile University
(Shata Koti Gita Gnana Yagna)

We need around 20 lakh donors who can sponsor 5 Karma Yoga books on average each costing Rs.200/- every month (or 1 crore donors who can sponsor 1 Karma Yoga book) starting from the year 2025 till the year 2035. This will enable our 1000 Sathsanghs to distribute 100 crore Yoga books (during 2026-2035) in 100 months in foreign countries, through mobile wisdom vans. These 100 cr Karma Yoga books along with our free mobile Apps and 24×7 Gita web radio and 10 types of Gita in 20 languages can show 5 times the impact worldwide.

Valmiki Ramayana

As a practical part of the Bhagawad Gita, we started digitizing 24000 slokas of Valmiki Ramayana with meanings for the first time in the world. We are looking for 3240 sponsors who can donate Rs.12000/- for each sarga. Visit to support this project.

People who wish to sponsor one sarga of Valmiki Ramayana may kindly visit our website to donate.

                                                Introduce Lord Rama and Krishna to the world

When no producer is coming forward to take Rama and Krishna to the world, it is the duty of all dharmic people to come together and demonstrate to the world, the stories of the two all-time real heroes.

Making Hollywood films on Lord Rama & Krishna in 2023 and 2024 and releasing them in the years 2025 and 2026 will pave the way for our 1000 Karma Yoga gurus to start sowing the seeds of Gita Jnana all over the world. We also intend to dub the most famous TV serials on Mahabharata, Hara Hara Maha deva, and Ramayana in 20 most spoken languages and telecast them on their TV channels as a part of making the Vedic literature popular worldwide.

The initiation of fundraising for making a Hollywood film on Lord Rama and Lord Krishna will start on 10.4.2022 on Ram Navami day. We seek 1 lakh NRI’s to donate as little as $600 onetime or $60 for 10 months and 10 lakh people Pan India who can donate Rs.5000/- onetime or Rs.500/- per month for 10 months. People may visit to express their interest.

The budgets kept above are rough estimates and detailed estimates along with Architectural plans will be done after we procure the land. Any mistakes on this page may be brought to our notice by email at [email protected]


The foundation needs funds on monthly basis for making Bhagawad Gita in 15 languages in addition to the 5 we have made so far, making Valmiki Ramayana, salaries of Call centre staff, back-office staff, video editors, singers, animators, accounts staff, keyboard players for BGM’s, music composers, studio expenses, email and whatsapp campaign costs, website design, updates and upgrades, tours and travel expenses of the directors etc. For all these, we have budgeted 10 crores for the coming four years, i.e. from April 2022 to March 2026. 

So, all the donors should make a note that any donation over and above 10 crores will be used for the procurement of land and university construction. So, the donors should be aware that every single rupee that they donate cannot be kept as a fixed deposit and we have an expenditure of Rs.20 lakhs per month for the coming 48 months. The funds over and above 10 crores will be deposited in a separate bank account and will be managed and spent by the Chairman of our foundation exclusively for physical university construction.

Jai Sri Krishna

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yaḥ sarvatrānabhisnehas tat tat prāpya śhubhāśhubham nābhinandati na dveṣhṭi tasya prajñā pratiṣhṭhitā

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