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Dhyana Gita for easy recitation.
Generally, Gita is recited in a standard mantra or shloka style, which will be easy for people who have some proficiency in Sanskrit. This kind of presentation will be difficult for beginners or children to get the original Brahminic diction of reciting a mantra. To overcome this and make everyone recite easily, we have composed this version with inspiration from Ms.Gabriella Burnel and Ms.Alisha Chinoy and made the shloka recitation style very plain, simple and soft with tambura backing. After listening to this, one will get the confidence that they can repeat and recite along.

Self-learning Bhagawat Gita with Hindustani Ragas.
We all know that learning through reading books is slowly fading away in today’s digital world. So, it has become difficult for today’s children and youth to study and learn from books, and hence prefer to listen to video presentations available on YouTube or various Apps. If one tries to learn Gita from YouTube or from apps available on Android or iOS, most of the current versions are not found to be of great use for beginners. With the desire to make us thoroughly understand the essence of Gita, our gurus are explaining every sloka too much in detail which is consuming a lot of time, and sometimes makes the sloka more complex to comprehend, and hence discouraging for today’s youth. They want everything straight, short, and crispy. For this, we have presented the slokas along with their meaning in the simplest form. We are sure that if one can just play these self-learning Gita audios or videos, in their free time at home, or at the office, or just before bed, one can effortlessly understand Bhagawat Gita completely.

Bhagawat Gita with Fusion Music.
For the new generation of music lovers, we made Bhagawat Gita with a Fusion of Indian, Middle Eastern and Western Music. This is a completely unorthodox approach to learning or listening to Bhagawat Gita. All the 18 chapters are done with 18 types of music beats, and we are sure that they will give a new dimension of happiness for the listeners.

The Original Mp3 files of all the three styles of Gita are now free for Bronze donors (Donate > Rs.10000/- or $140).
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