A Message from our Chairman

Dear all stakeholders and donors.

It is a great pleasure to inform you that I have taken up the charge as the Chairman of our Foundation with immediate effect and assure you that we as a team with the support from all of you, will strive our best to meet our objectives and reach our Mission of taking Gita wisdom to over 50% of the world by 2050.

I hope this New Year “Shubakrut” will bring positive vibes that are required to reinstate the Sanatana Dharma that got damaged for 3500 years. The world is witnessing a huge divide between humans. The highest level of madness and ignorance is happening in the name and form of God. “Religion” is the most insane invention ever in the history of mankind. “The theory of God” which is supposed to make us understand our source, the reason for being born, and the two vital life elements, Karma and Dharma, is working the other way round and becoming detrimental to human betterment.

To save the world from insane “GOD THEORIES”, we from the Bhagawat Gita foundation for Vedic Studies made a road map to take Gita wisdom to over 50% of the world’s population by the year 2050. Not only are we fighting the Kali Purush that over 90% of the world invited into their hearts, but also trying to awaken the remaining 10% who are completely unaware of the danger this 90% is going to bring onto them. 

We intend to perform Bhumi puja for Gita university on Gita Jayanti, i.e., 3-12-22, and commission the same on 20-12-2026 and this is possible only if 1 million people can come forward and donate as little as Rs.500/- for 24 months. The timelines for our Mission are very clear and we expect an equivalent response and reciprocation from our supporters. The biggest problem for Hindus is that everyone thinks that someone else will donate and finally no one donates. So, I humbly request every dharmic person to please come forward and donate anything to your capacity every month.

I, Chalasani Balaramayya Prasad, humbly bring to your notice that I have donated about 350 acres of very prime land that would cost over 1000 crores to its current day market value to various social causes in the past 20 years. I have worked in Air Force for 9 years. Thereafter, I was a successful businessman for 25 years and reached the top position in the country in the business I was in. Later, for 2 decades, I gave my life to serving the society. Now, while I am about to withdraw from all kinds of Karma (Actions), at the request of the directors of the foundation, I pooled all my energies and came forward to hold the steering of this foundation as the Chairman, considering it as an order from supreme cosmic power.

I urge all the corporates to kindly come forward and make your donations for Gita Education as a part of your CSR funds. People who wish to meet me in person may email us at gitauniversit[email protected] and Whatsapp your details to our office staff Ms.Reshma on 89779-31068.

As the chairman of the foundation, I assure all the donors and stakeholders that I will utilise every rupee for establishing the principles of Karma and Dharma across the world till we reach our mission.

Chalasani Balaramayya

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