Gita With Fusion Music

Gita with Fusion Music
For the new generation of youth and foreign seekers, we made Bhagawat Gita with a Fusion of Indian, Middle Eastern, and Western Music, which gives a completely unorthodox approach to learning or listening to Bhagawat Gita. This will remove all the entry barriers for the Youth and Foreigners. 

The sample files for all chapters can be seen on our YouTube channel. Full chapters are reserved for our donors who download the Gita university App, on Android or iOS. 

Pick the below links to listen to the sample Fusion Music files.

Fusion Music_Engllish Files
Fusion Music_Hindi Files
Fusion Music_Telugu Files
Fusion Music_Kannada Files
Fusion Music_Tamil Files
Fusion Music_Oriya Files

Donate and get Access on your smartphones. 
If you want to listen to the Audio or Video files of all 18 chapters in full, they will be available for the one-time donors who donate Rs.10000/- and above for Construction of Gita University. People may also donate 2$ or Rs.199/- every month and can avail access to our Android and iOS Apps.

|Download App on Android Devices | |Download App on iOS Devices |

Free for Pandits, Purohits, Swamiji’s and Gita Teachers.
The App is anyway free for Swamiji’s or Pandits or Existing Gita teachers. They may call us on 8520933933 and request for a free version. But, they should have a smartphone to access the Audio or Video files of this Fusion Music version.

Jai Sri Krishna. 

Those who serve me with unalloyed devotion rise above the three modes of material nature and come to the level of Brahman.

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