108 Member Chief Advisory Board

The list of 18 Member working Committee who can give their full time towards the objectives of the foundation and the 108 Chief Advisory Board members who will be highly accomplished people in their respective areas and have immense passion for our mission will be listed here in the month of December 2022.

Our 108 Member Chief advisory board is a body that provides binding strategic advice to the 18 member working committee of our foundation. Just like the board of directors, the advisory board does have authority to vote on corporate matters and responsibilities.

The 18 Member working committee will be inducted as the board of directors after their service for a period of 6 months to the foundation. Channel partners who have a strategic alliance with the Mission 5 billion may also be in the core committee, but may not be an official board member for reasons concerned with statutory compliance.

We request all our donors to suggest any name in their knowledge so that we can approach them and request them to be either in the core committee or in the advisory board.

One may email us to [email protected] or whatsapp us on 89770-31068 for this matter.

Thank you

Jai Shri krishna

Anand Reddy
Founder Director & Chief Gita Pracharak.

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