Donate and Get Gita Fusion and Hindustani Ragas Versions

For the constriction of Bhagawat Gita University, 2 lakh people should come forward from all over the world who can donate Rs.10000/- or 135$. These donations start in the month of July 2021 and hoping to get the majority of the donors by this Gita Jayanti day 14th December 2021. 
Please share the website details and our objects with all your friends, family, near and dear so that everyone can become a part of this biggest Gnana Yagna of this Kali-yuga. 

Watch on Mobile:
People who wish to donate Rs.10000/-, may tick the Fusion Music version and Hindustani ragas version and the same can be accessed on iOS or Android devices for a lifetime. This is a highly safe and recommended option for all our donors.

Watch on TV or Laptop @ an additional cost:
Rs.1500/-: But, if they prefer to have a Pendrive to use on an Android TV or Laptop, then, they have to tick the Pendrive option. But, having Gita on mobile or personal Tablet will be good enough and so this option is not a highly recommended one. Access on Android and iOS devices is anyway free. 

Gift your Children or Friends @ an additional cost of Rs.5000/-:
Some people love to gift Giat preloaded in a Tablet to their children or friends. Then they may tick the Tablet option. The tablet will be an android one which will have medium built quality and will not have any warranty. We shall test the tablet and shall nicely pack it and deliver. Still, we request the donors to keep this in mind while choosing the Tablet option. Access on Android and iOS devices is anyway free. 

No Donations from NRI’s – Will raise an Invoice for your Options: 
For NRI’s the donation amount will be invoiced as a product and shall send an invoice after payment to their email. If NRI’s get any problem in payment gateway, please take a pic of the same and WhatsApp the error message to 8520933933. We shall solve the same and get back to you or shall message you the alternate procedure.

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