Celebrities ! Support Gita University

Celebrities ! Help Gita University.


Sanchitta Karma for Celebrities and Rich people!
The sanchitta karma for celebrities and rich people will be enormous. It is beyond any doubt that these souls are the ones who did a lot of Dharmic deeds in their past life. As a result of their past karma, they are so blessed with name, fame, money and happiness that the other 99.9% in this world do not have, despite their severe efforts.

We need help from these great souls.
Like how these great souls did Darmic deeds in their last life, we request them to generously help us take Bhagawat Gita to 195 countries, establishing 10000 Satsanghs; 1 sathsangh for every 1 million population.

How can they help us?
A few may be willing to donate some money, a few may bless us and wish us success with a small video byte, a few may wish to head the Gita University and our Foundation being one of the 108 members supreme Chief Advisory Board or whatsoever and however possible.

So, Dear Sir / Madam, please fill in this form and text us how you can associate with the Gita University Project and our President will call you in person. To reach the Our President, please call us on 81430-31068.

| Jai Shri Krishna | | Om Namah Shivaya |


Understanding of Karma.
In Sanatana dharma, there are three types of karma. The word karma refers to results of past actions, present actions, and actions we will perform in the future.

1. Sanchitta
This is accumulated past actions or karmas waiting to come to fruition. Sanchitta is the storehouse of every action you have ever done, in all the lifetimes you have ever lived. These are all of the unresolved past actions waiting to reach resolution.

2. Parabda
This is the present action: what you are doing now, in this lifetime and its result.

3. Agami
Future actions that result from your present actions are called agami karma. As you attempt to resolve past karma, you unavoidably create new karmas that you may or may not be able to resolve in your present life. If you don’t resolve them now, they will go into the storehouse to be resolved in a future life.


Those who perform all their duties for my sake, who depend upon me and are devoted to me, who are free from attachment, and are without malice toward all beings, such devotees certainly come to me.

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