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Please see the other sections under the “Gita University” menu, to understand the need for the entire world to have the knowledge of Bhagawat Gita.

Why Gita University is mandatory to the world?
We believe that this world cannot have peace and harmony without the knowledge of self. Everyone right from a small child to a college student to a homemaker to an employee to a Manager to the CEO and to a politician is becoming more and more turbulent and short-tempered in their nature and attitude.

All the relations are getting strained right from Parent-child, Teacher-student, Friend-friend, Husband-wife, Boss-Employee and what not. There is no peace of mind for anyone despite of their material possessions. People are having extreme levels of love, hatred, anger, desires, lust, sensitiveness and everything which is giving them sleepless nights.

The source for all this is lack of knowledge of self and lack of discrimination between prescribed karma and abandoned karma and their advantages and consequences. These people are as good as the mindset of a person walking nice and fast on the road, but forgot where he started and who don’t have any clue as to where he is heading. 

Everyone is being identified with fictitious attributes like Nationality, Religion, Caste, Race, Ethnicity, Color, Gender, Educational qualifications, Parents status, Material possessions etc and has no idea about the place where we were few years before we were born and the reasons for being here. This is as good as a naked man feeling proud of his diamond crown and not being concerned about his nakedness. 

So, we feel teaching the Bhagawat gita is the only solution to overcome all the problems and drive humans towards Dharma. 

Major steps in teaching Gita to 5 billion people. 

  1. Make 10 types of Visual presentations of Bhagawat Gita. We made 3 types so far and shall complete the remaining 7 types by 2030. The tenth type of Gita will be a virtual reality show of 108 feet, Lord Vishnu directly teaching the Core part of Bhagawat Gita for 45 minutes with a spectacular display of the Virat roop in the last 2 minutes. This visual presentation will spin the world towards their source and dharmic living. 
  2. Creating 10000 Gurus like Sadhgurus during 2026-2035 at Gita University Campus and deputing them to their respective countries.
  3. Establishing 10000 Self-sustaining Sathsanghs in all 195 countries with one guru heading every Sathsangh, and one Sathsangh representing 1 million population in their near radius. This should happen starting with “1” in 2026 and finally becoming 10000 by 2035. 
  4. Every Sathsangh will teach Gita to 1000 people every month both online and offline and will teach Gita to 1 lakh people in 10 years, i.e. during 2035 – 2045. Later every certified Gita followers will influence 5 more people during 2045-2050. So, during 2035-2045, there shall be 100 crore (10,000 Sathsanghs x 1 lakh each) Gita followers, and by 2050, this number grows 5 times, making the total Gita followers to 5 billion (over 50% of the population that prevails during 2050.)

For all this to happen, we need to build a university campus on 100 acres. 

Now, we shall see various structural components required for the functioning of the University. 

i) The infrastructure for Training Gita gurus.
a. Auditorium for 2000 people.
b. Accommodation for 2000 people.
c. Separate Kitchen and Dining hall.

With this capacity, we can impart 4 months of training to 6000 gurus every year. A few who qualify, get into the establishment of Self-sustaining Sathsanghs, an affiliate setup of Gita University and others may preach Gita on their own or at the Sathsanghs. If Gita University is commissioned in the year 2026, it can impart Gita Wisdom to 54,000 people by the year 2035. Of these 54,000 people, we shall pick the best 10,000 people and help them establish a SathSangh @ one for every million people all over the world.

ii) The infrastructure for Training CEO’s & Managers.
a. Halls for 200 people (10).
b. Accommodation for 2000 people.
c. Separate Kitchen and Dining hall for 2000 people.

Here the classes will be conducted for 18 days, especially for CEO’s and Managers of small and medium enterprises and politicians at all levels. With this capacity @ 15 batches in a year, we can impart Gita wisdom to 30,000 people. When CEOs and Managers have Gita wisdom, the entire team working below them will be the beneficiaries.

iii) Infrastructure required for training fresh graduates.
a. Hall for 500 people.
b. Dormitory Accommodation for 500 people.
c. Separate Kitchen and Buffet Dining setup for 500 people.

This is a finishing school concept, where the college managements can send their students to Gita University during their final year of graduation for 6 days of life skills training. With this capacity, @ 50 batches in a year, we can impart Gita wisdom to 25,000 young students.

iv) Infrastructure required for Gita gurus and other staff.
a. 2BHK Flats – 50# for our Gita Gurus who teach Gita to our students.
b. 3BHK Flats – 50 # for Board members and High-security / Esteemed Guests.
c. 1BHK – 50# for sub staff

The above first phase of construction is estimated to cost 200 crores on the minimum side, just 10% of the modern-day statue’s cost. We expect donations from Gita lovers, basing on their affordability and possibility.

We find Bangalore and Hyderabad to be ideal locations and soon we shall request both the state and central governments for the land. If there is any difficulty in setting up here in India, we intend to set up this in the United States. Let us leave the location decision to Lord Krishna and he will decide where he intends to have this central setup. 

Classifications and privileges for donors.

a) Platinum Donors: We need 200 blessed people to donate 1 cr each. These generous donors will automatically become permanent members of the High-level Decision-making board.

b) Gold Donors: We need 4000 business people who can donate 5 lakhs each. All donors who donate 5 lakhs and above will be treated as Esteemed guests and they can visit the    University campus for 2 days with family every year and look at the processes going on at the university campus and suggest improvements. 

c) Silver Donors: We need 20000 above middle-class people who can donate 1 lakh each. These people can become permanent members of the Advisory board. They can also contest for the top 108 Member Chief Advisory board. 

d) Bronze donors: We need 2 lakh people who can donate Rs.10000/- (140$) each. These generous people will be given lifetime access to our Android & iOS apps and all our online Gita classes.

Note: If any donor wishes to give a cash donation, kindly take an Appointment with our President on 81430-31068, He will be meeting you in person or have a video call to discuss the possibilities and statutory compliances. Please do not give any cash to any of our Volunteers (or) any person. 

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The Supreme Lord said: While you speak words of wisdom, you are mourning for that which is not worthy of grief. The wise lament neither for the living nor for the dead.

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