Our Associates

Our Associates

1.String YouTube Channel.

Fundraising for 648 chapters of Ramayana in four languages namely English, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.
Distribution of Ramayana Mp3 files to all temples pan India.

About String: There is a dire need for unity among people who are Pro-Nation. “STRING” is about establishing a network among individuals who are working towards uplifting the culture and spiritual ethos of this country.

Their Website: https://www.youtube.com/c/StringReveals/

2. ECC _ Civil & MCAD software training company.

Encouraging their students to fundraise for Gita university construction. Assured to contribute 1000 donations of the total 2 lakhs donations required for Gita University Phase-1 project.

Their website www.eccindia.org & www.eccindia.in

3. Shiva Shakthi Foundation.

Working together on countering the attacks on Sanatana Dharma, using loopholes and grey areas in the Indian Constitution.

Further, we have agreed to carry the Shiva Shakthi Foundation name along with our Foundation name in our Gita titles in Five languages for Self learning Gita and Fusion Music Bhagawat Gita that is available on Android and iOS apps. For this Shiva Shakthi has donated eight lakhs rupees to our Foundation for each language.

Why Shiva Shakthi ?
The world never believed in one path for seeking the absolute. Right from the moment Brahma created this creation, there were always different paths to reach the absolute. Every theory can be acknowledged in a Civilised nation as long as they propagate restricting to the merits in their path and they don’t profess to prosecute people who do not agree with their faith. But when they spend 90% of their time portraying other faiths as bad or false, when they profess that people of other faiths are evil-motivated, sinners and threaten them with dire consequences and hell, then such societies can never have peace and harmony. They should be dealt with strictly by the Governments and courts and in a country like India, they may wait till things get rotten and worse on the field. To avoid such an unmanageable state of affairs on the field, as our Foundation is all for peace and harmony among people of all faiths, we took a stance to be with Shiva Shakthi to counter the bad propaganda of certain fringe elements on Sanatana Dharma.

Their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/SHIVASHAKTHI/


If any organization that wishes to help us on mutually beneficial terms that ultimately establishes peace and harmony among people are most welcomed. Please do email us on [email protected]

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